Education in Japan

Education is priority issue for educators and parents alike, so this blog has drawn from the bubbling cauldron of its chatroom conversations, and distilled the sum of all our ideas, inspiration, info, news and collective advice and wisdom into the one-stop self-help and educational resource that it has been since 1999.
Use this resource find out about schooling in Japan or to connect with other parents and educators who were interested to learn and know about Japanese education or homeschooling.


Japanese mythology

You can tell a lot about the soul and spirit of a people from their collective consciousness of their folklore and myths - from the way they tell their stories, interpret their heroes' actions, interact with those images. You will be intrigued with the many myths found in ancient texts, or folkloric tales repeatedly passed down locally and regionally and celebrated among the Japanese people.
This blog also represents an attempt to chronicle different versions of myths and tales, and to explore the origins and diffusion through interdisciplinary methods, by tracking and comparing different evolving versions and considering the population genetics of East Asia and West Asia.


Heritage of Japan

You are invited to enter a portal that will transport the reader to time travel back in time to prehistoric and ancient Japan. Come explore the land and the people by taking a walk through one of the bye-gone-eras of Japan. Wander around this site and discover the heritage of Japan - its material, cultural, ecological and genetic heritage. Our blogposts feature archaeological discoveries, and updates or discussions about research about the origins of the peoples of Japan; their past connections with other lands; why, when and how their culture and lifestyles developed over thousands of years and came to be uniquely Japanese.


Nature in Japan

A gateway for exploring the rich wildlife and nature of Japan, come learn about the varied and interesting BIOMES and HABITATS found in Japan.
Make your foray into the Japanese forest and countryside to study the plant and tree species and about their foliage and fruit and of course, see what’s in bloom.
BUG BOY lets you take a peek at what’s in his BUG BOX, also check into our COOL CRITTERS ZONE and BIRDING BOX.


The Singapore-Japan Crossover Blog

Having, by now, spent half of my life in Singapore and another half of my life living in Japan, this blog documents my impressions of life and culture of two islands -- one large (archipelago Japan) and one small (Singapore).
I grew up and worked in Singapore for the first half of my life, married my Japanese husband in a third country. And then we raised our children, mostly in Japan, but we also raised our two children for three years in Singapore.
In late November, during the coronavirus pandemic, I crossed back from Japan to live alone in Singapore again. Now beginning a new chapter of my life, I share my reverse cultural experiences, as well conversations with my children (and husband).