Aileen Kawagoe

My early career years began with criminal litigation and family law, followed by foreign affairs policy-planning analysis and international treaty work. A number of years spent in Business TV journalism with CNBC, was followed by a position as personal executive assistant to the CEO of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. A long time resident in Japan since the summer of 1998, I have been writing and blogging (since 2002) about Japan travel, culture, education, its nature, historical heritage, about Japanese genetics, mythology and folklore. The next decade was spent project management, research, writing and blogging and mostly as a teacher in education. To know more about my work which has been highlighted in Japanese newspapers, check below.

I am beginning a new chapter in Singapore, bridging legal, business and administrative work between Singapore and Japan, during these challenging covid pandemic times.


Vienna project

My area of research focuses on the study of patterns and the recreation of routes taken by East Asian human ancestral migratory lineages, with the goal to visualize the networks of shared ancestral lineages through the study of human genomic as well as material remains, toolkits and resources. The study entails investigations into the origins and spread of agriculture in Jomon, Yayoi and Kofun Japan, or together with genomic population and disease markers, the investigations aim to search out evidence to corroborate previously modeled genealogies of languages, and recorded legends and mythologies.


Here's a sample of my most recent jointly published research paper

▸Japan considered from the hypothesis of farmer/language spread [ResearchGate]

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De Boer, E., Yang, M., Kawagoe, A., & Barnes, G. (2020). Japan considered from the hypothesis of farmer/language spread. Evolutionary Human Sciences, 2, E13. doi:10.1017/ehs.2020.7