Recommended Reading [BOOKS]

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Recommended Reading [LINKS]

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▸National AINU Museum and Park
The National Ainu Museum is the first national museum to come into existence in Japan specializing in the research and display of Ainu culture. It was established to revive and further develop the culture of the Ainu people.
▸Noborito Research Laboratory - Meiji University
Noborito Research Laboratory was a research institute established by the former Japanese Army before the war. Researchers were researching and developing secret warfare weapons and materials. The official name is "The Nineth-Army Technology Research Laboratory (Dai-kyu-Rikugun-Gijyutsu-Kenkyujyo)", but it was anonymously called "Noborito Research Laboratory" because the research and development contents were highly confidential.
▸Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum
In Japan Open Air Folk House Museum old folk houses are on display on the gentle slopes of Tama hills. The houses are arranged in five areas according to their original location; ‘Post Town’, ‘Village in Shin-etsu’ district, ‘Village in Kanto’district, ‘Village in Kanagawa’ area, and ‘Village in Tohoku’ district. On your route, you’ll find the stone objects such as Do-so-jin on the path, and also find the daily necessities such as agricultural implements inside the folk houses.

▸National AINU Museum and Park [homepage]

▸Meiji University Noborito-Lab

▸Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum [homepage]